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The country has come together – and now it needs to stay together

- Cavendish, Suffolk

sir – I was born in 1950. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, I have seen the country more united than it has been at any other time in my life. Long may this continue.

Simon Wotton Weston-super-mare, Somerset

sir – In this age of wokery and aggressive­ness, how lovely it has been to see the silent majority turn out in their many thousands. Perhaps there is hope for us after all.

Elizabeth Ross

Isle of Arran, Buteshire

sir – I presume that, after almost two weeks of peace and quiet from our politician­s, it would be asking too much of them to act, from now on, with the same dignity and decorum that members of the Royal family have displayed.

Simon Morpuss Stratford-upon-avon, Warwickshi­re

sir – The Earl Marshal and his team deserve the nation’s praise and thanks for the exemplary organisati­on of our late Queen’s funeral. They have shown that Britain is capable of doing things really well. It is therefore sad that the NHS, and parts of government, let us down so badly.

The lesson is that good management does not make excuses – it makes things happen.

Malcolm Bailey

Radlett, Hertfordsh­ire

sir – Our dear Queen dies and, in the space of less than two weeks, world leaders have attended a stunning state funeral and more than a quarter of a million mourners have united in a queue to pay their respects.

Compare this with the two months it took the Conservati­ve Party to choose a new leader (with much in-fighting along the way), while the economy disintegra­ted.

Roger Seymour

Ashtead, Surrey

sir – After the unbearably poignant events on Monday I must admit – slightly uncomforta­bly – that I welcome the return to something approachin­g normality.

John Taylor

Purley, Surrey

sir – I spent the whole of Monday watching Queen Elizabeth’s funeral and the events around it.

I then wondered what I could do to celebrate her life, and have decided to plant a tree in her memory. If the very many people who loved and admired her were to do the same, it would make for a fitting tribute – and how the country would benefit.

Scilla Phillips

Bibury, Gloucester­shire

sir – We have been extremely touched by the sight of teddy bears and soft toys among the flowers left in memory of the late Queen.

Hopefully these will be collected and distribute­d to children’s hospices rather than disposed of.

Richard and Pauline Clement

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