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The real burden on Britain’s small businesses


sir – When Liz Truss announced that she was planning to help beleaguere­d businesses we were cautiously hopeful. Financial assistance appears to be coming for electricit­y bills, which we don’t actually need, since we fixed in September 2021 for three years and our usage is low.

People wonder where this money is coming from and I believe I now know: we have just received a letter telling us that, due to an unspecifie­d error in the 2017 assessment, our business rates are more than doubling, with effect from last week. No notice, no consultati­on and no change to our premises.

This increase is half the cost of our annual electricit­y bill, every month. One can only assume that the Government doesn’t want small businesses to survive, and that the magical growth it intends to facilitate is coming from the thousands of large businesses the country supports. Gillian Courage

Cheltenham, Gloucester­shire

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