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No regrets about becoming an Aga obsessive


sir – I used to get very bored with people extolling the virtues of their Aga cookers (Letters, September 19).

Then, when I remarried, my new husband said we should have one. I put an advertisem­ent in a local magazine for an Aga that did not use solid fuel. The next morning I had a phone call from a man with such an Aga. It cost little, but I had to pay for its removal and re-installati­on.

It was a very old, former solid-fuel Aga that had been converted to oil. I am now very boring, as it is wonderful. Recently I upgraded it to electric – very successful­ly, despite its 50-plus years of age – and all four ovens still work beautifull­y. Penelope Fairclough

Tattenhall, Cheshire

sir – My old and sometimes temperamen­tal coal-fired Aga made the most amazing Yorkshire puddings, which I have never been able to replicate in any other oven. Margaret Wilson

Ferndown, Dorset

sir – I discovered the restorativ­e powers of the Aga (Letters, September 17) when I was seven.

Two chicks hatched in our hen house and I noticed that their mother never washed them. So after school one day I took a bowl of water and scrubbing brush and gave them a thorough wash, leaving them on the roof of the hen house to dry.

It was February. My mother found the drenched and shivering birds and placed them in the slow oven of the Aga for an hour. They emerged, alive and dry, and thrived, later producing chicks of their own. Gerard Mccloskey

Durford Wood, Hampshire

 ?? ?? Feline favourite: a 1950s magazine advertisem­ent for ‘the new coloured Aga’
Feline favourite: a 1950s magazine advertisem­ent for ‘the new coloured Aga’

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