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Those best qualified to interpret British naval opinion are satisfied that the naval concentrat­ion which is being carried out gives expression to a policy at once efficient, economical, and pacifist. As past experience has shown, no greater mistake can be made in dealing with the Turks than to exhibit weakness. They recognise only demonstrat­ions of force, as the record of history reveals, and the measures which have been adopted by the British Government,’ far from being bellicose, probably represent the surest means of reaching a peaceful solution of the tangled skein of policies in Eastern Europe. So long as naval power is adequately supported by military power on the two shores of the Straits these vital waterways can be held by the British Fleet, even without assistance on the part of France and Italy. The Kemalists possess no facilities for the water transport of troops, and even if they had at their disposal anything more considerab­le than caiques the naval power which Admiral Brock has at his disposal should prove ample to defeat any plans of aggression.

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