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Women told to go on sex strike to save the planet

Eco group urges bedroom ban for meat-eating men who pollute atmosphere with their barbecues

- By James Crisp

WOMEN should impose a sex ban on men who eat meat because they are responsibl­e for more greenhouse gas emissions, an animal rights group has said.

The call for a sex strike on carniverou­s males has caused outrage in Germany, which is famous for its love of sausages. Women must “go on sex strike to save the world”, Peta said before calling for a bedroom ban.

The German branch of Peta pointed to research last year from PLOS One, a scientific journal, which showed that men caused 41 per cent more pollution than women because they eat more meat.

Peta said that such “toxic masculinit­y” required enforced chastity and even a ban on having children. Every child not born would save 58.6 tons of CO2 a year, it said.

“We all know them, the suburban fathers with beer bottles and barbecue tongs sizzling 70-cent sausages on their €700 grill,” Daniel Cox, of Peta Germany, said as he accused men of trying to prove their manhood through conspicuou­s meat consumptio­n.

“The courgette added by the visitor is eyed with suspicion and only reluctantl­y tolerated,” he said, before telling German men to turn vegan to ensure their children had a planet worth living in.peta also called for “a hefty meat tax of 41 per cent” for men to save the planet from global warming emissions caused by agricultur­e.

“Now there is scientific proof that toxic masculinit­y harms the climate,” added Mr Cox , and “a ban on sex or procreatio­n for all meat-eating men would also be purposeful in this context.”

Agricultur­e is a major contributo­r to climate change, with a large share of methane emissions caused by cows burping.

In the UK, agricultur­e was responsibl­e for 11 per cent of total emissions in 2020 and is the fifth biggest sector for polluting greenhouse gases.

In 2019, the UN said agricultur­e was directly responsibl­e for up to 8.5 per cent of all the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, with another 14.5 per cent caused by land being turned over to farming and food production.

The sex strike has been branded attention-seeking and “total nonsense” by conservati­ve politician­s.

Florian Hahn, of the centre-right CSU party, said: “Instead of a ban on sex for meat eaters, there should be a ban on thinking for divisive ideologues.”

The demand made the front page of the Bild tabloid.

Jessica Stahl, 36, a bratwurst seller from Schneverdi­ngen, told the paper: “I’m speechless – more women than men come to me.”

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