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Lesson for the NHS


SIR – A friend in a nearby village broke her leg badly last week and had to wait 15 hours in terrible pain for an ambulance. Yes, 15 hours.

At the same time, on holiday in Greece, I suffered a serious asthma attack.

I went to the local hospital and was immediatel­y put on oxygen while still in reception, without anyone asking my name or filling in a form.

I was then transferre­d, by ambulance and ferry, to another hospital on the mainland, and after that to a third hospital, where a team of enthusiast­ic medics tested and treated me. On both ambulance journeys I was accompanie­d and cared for by a doctor.

All this on the magic UK Global Health Insurance card. Anyone who believes the NHS does not need root-and-branch reform (Comment, September 21) is deluded.

Richard Gaunt

Horsington, Somerset

SIR – My husband has just received two first-class envelopes containing letters with duplicate details for an NHS appointmen­t next Monday (Letters, September 17).

Apart from the short notice – we are both disabled – what a terrible waste, again, of NHS funds.

Kathy Benn

Helsby, Cheshire

SIR – A minister of health once told me that he hoped that the problem of providing dental treatment under the NHS would go away.

It has.

Dr Nigel Knott

Seend, Wiltshire

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