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Zelensky publishes book of best wartime speeches to raise cash

- By Jamie Johnson in Washington

VOLODYMYR ZELENSKY is to publish a book of his most important speeches as part of the “fight for liberty” and to raise funds for his country following Russia’s invasion.

The Ukrainian president has delivered about 1,000 speeches since taking office in 2019 and has jolted the world into action with his virtual tour addressing legislatur­es such as the Houses of Parliament, the UN and US Congress.

He has been widely celebrated for helping to unite the West in funding the war effort with his speeches tapping into the national psyches of other countries as he appeals to save his own. In addressing the Commons, Zelensky drew analogies to Winston Churchill and Britain’s stand against the Nazis in 1940. “We will fight in the forests, on the shores, in the streets,” he said.

Sixteen of the speeches will appear in A Message from Ukraine which includes an introducti­on by Mr Zelensky and a preface by Arkady Ostrovsky, Russia and Eastern Europe editor of The Economist, who explains the context of the speeches and why they matter.

All proceeds from the book – amounting to at least 60p per copy – will go to United24, an initiative launched to coordinate donations to Ukraine. “Supporting Ukraine is not a trend, a meme or a viral challenge,” Mr Zelensky said. “It is not a force to rapidly spread across the planet and then just as rapidly disappear. If you want to understand where we are from, what we want and where we are going, you need to learn more about who we are. This book will help you do just that.”

Mr Ostrovsky added: “This book records how Ukraine has found its voice and its strength. The effects can be seen on the battlefiel­ds of the biggest war in Europe since 1945.”

A Message from Ukraine will be available in the UK in hardback, audiobook and ebook from Nov 24.

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