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Spacey: I was frightened to come out as gay because my father was a neo-nazi

- By Rozina Sabur

KEVIN SPACEY yesterday told a court that he struggled to come out as gay because his neo-nazi father would verbally abuse him over his sexuality.

The actor made the admission in Manhattan where he is being sued by Anthony Rapp, 50, who claimed Spacey made unwanted sexual advances towards him when he was 14.

Rapp has accused Spacey of being a fraud for not being openly gay.

When asked about the allegation­s by his lawyer, Spacey said: “I wasn’t living a lie. I was just reluctant to talk about my personal life. My father was a white supremacis­t and neo-nazi. It meant that my siblings and I were forced to listen to hours and hours of my father lecturing us about his beliefs.”

As he became interested in the theatre, he said: “My father used to yell at me at the idea that I might be gay.

“Everything about what was happening in that house was something I had to keep to myself. We never, ever, talked about it. I have never talked about these things publicly ever.”

The Usual Suspects star was asked about Rapp’s claims that a then 26-yearold Spacey picked him up at a party in 1986 and put him on his bed before lying on top of him.

Rapp testified earlier in the trial that he “swerved” out from under Spacey, who was in a Broadway show at the time, in the fully clothed encounter before fleeing the apartment.

“They are not true,” Spacey said of the allegation­s.

Earlier the court watched a video deposition made by Torchwood actor John Barrowman who attended high school with Rapp, a regular on Star Trek: Discovery. He offered an alternativ­e account of meeting Spacey, and stated: “I felt no threat whatsoever.”

Judge Lewis Kaplany dismissed Rapp’s claim for intentiona­l infliction of emotional distress.

Spacey, 63, is still facing allegation­s of sexual assault and battery. The case continues.

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