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The Conservati­ves’ troubles reveal a party that has seriously lost its way

- Dr Harry Harmer Shrewsbury

sir – With Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor, warning that he will have to make decisions of “eye-watering difficulty” (report, October 18), anyone would think he was clearing up a mess left behind by Labour.

In fact, his own party has been in power for more than a decade, during which time he has held senior positions in the Cabinet. The Tories should be ashamed of their financial record. They had plenty of time to design and implement a free-market Conservati­ve agenda before Liz Truss’s poorly executed attempt.

Those MPS who remain after the next election will be able to reflect on their failure during the long period in opposition that is now guaranteed Roger Gentry

Weavering, Kent

sir – I thought David Cameron was a bit of a disaster, but then along came Theresa May. Boris Johnson promised but didn’t deliver, and now we have Liz Truss.

Why do the Conservati­ves think they have any right to be in power with such a record?

Rupert Godfrey

Heytesbury, Wilshire

sir – If Conservati­ve MPS wish to have any chance of being re-elected, they must grasp the nettle and replace their leader, preferably without a lengthy election process involving the wider party.

The damage, both domestic and internatio­nal, that our forlorn and broken Prime Minister is inflicting on this country must be stopped. She should resign, but I doubt she will.

Piers Pottinger London SW17 sir – “Sorry” is the hardest word, but when sincerely offered it can transform opinion and change fortunes. Liz Truss’s future as PM hangs in the balance, but replacing her at this moment would pose as many risks to the Conservati­ve Party and the country as retaining her.

Jeremy Hunt has succeeded in calming the markets and creating a more stable political atmosphere in very short order. He has sent a clear message that he and the Prime Minister are working together on a new economic plan.

Ms Truss must now show a dogged resolve to do what she promises in order to earn the country’s confidence. She came to her job with a reputation for commitment, determinat­ion and the strength to take on tough challenges. With these attributes, she can still succeed.

David Platts

Newark, Nottingham­shire

sir – Recent events have confirmed that only one party is allowed in British politics: that of the “hard centre”.

Try to shift to the Left (Labour under Jeremy Corbyn) or the Right (the Conservati­ves under Liz Truss) and you’ll be pushed back into line by the media and “the markets”.

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