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No doubt of Question Time audience view

- By India Mctaggart

ONLY one audience member on BBC’S Question Time came to the defence of the Duke of Sussex in the wake of his memoir controvers­y.

Host Fiona Bruce asked this week’s panel to discuss whether Prince Harry’s intimate revelation­s have damaged the Royal family.

When the discussion was opened to the studio audience, one man said the Duke’s decision to publish Spare was “an example of hypocritic­al privilege”.

To loud applause, he said: “He’s been happy to accept everything that comes with his role right the way through his life, he’s criticised the media and said ‘I don’t want anything to do with them’ and now he’s using them at his will to make money. I’m sorry but that is just as low as it gets.”

Ms Bruce then asked the audience whether anyone wanted to put in a good word for Harry, saying there must be someone, to which the BBC studio fell uncharacte­ristically silent.

One person chimed in to defend the Duke, but her response was not met with any enthusiasm from the audience.

The young woman, a politics student, said: “Harry has done his best to address some personal struggles and when I watched the interview with ITV, he was quite candid. What kind of country are we going to be if you can’t even express freely how you feel and what you’re going through.”

She added: “What we also have to acknowledg­e is yes, he may be making money, but…one thing that I would personally like to address as a black woman is that a lot of people negatively in the press have been blaming Meghan.

“We saw the very derogatory words by Jeremy Clarkson…and that again is an example of where we begin to blur the lines and we then see problems.

“Racism is prevalent in the press and it needs to be addressed.”

She received no applause.

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