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Royal Navy ship’s drinking water contaminat­ed

- By Ewan Somerville and Danielle Sheridan

THE drinking water on board a Royal Navy ship has become contaminat­ed, with at least one sailor hospitalis­ed.

HMS Portland, a Type 23 frigate, was diverted to Portsmouth yesterday after “an issue with one of the ship’s fresh water systems”, the Royal Navy said.

At least one sailor presenting symptoms has been taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, The Daily Telegraph understand­s.

A Navy source confirmed that the “poisoning” of the water happened after the wrong chemicals were put into it. The mistake was quickly flagged by the individual involved and sources last night praised them for their “integrity” in coming forward, which “undoubtedl­y reduced the consequenc­es”.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: “We can confirm HMS Portland has returned to HMNB Portsmouth as a precaution­ary measure, following an issue with one of the ship’s fresh water systems.

“The health and safety of our personnel is of the utmost importance and we are taking a number of measures to safeguard the ship’s company while the issue is investigat­ed.”

It is unclear what substance the water was contaminat­ed with.

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