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SNP MSP heckled by audience over trans rapist’s gender


AN SNP politician has been heckled by a Question Time audience after she followed Nicola Sturgeon’s lead by refusing to say if a transgende­r rapist is a man or a woman.

Jenny Gilruth, transport minister at Holyrood, provoked loud groans from a Glasgow BBC crowd after she repeatedly dodged questions over the sex of Isla Bryson, previously Adam Graham, who was initially placed in a female jail after being convicted of two rapes.

The MSP, a former teacher, had been challenged by the journalist and author Ella Whelan to state whether she believed Bryson was male or female after she repeatedly referred to the predator as “that individual” rather than he or she.

Ms Gilruth replied that she believed Bryson was “a rapist” and agreed with her party leader that she “didn’t know enough about the individual in question” to say whether the rapist was male or female.

Audience members shouted “you haven’t” at Ms Gilruth when she claimed to have answered the question about Bryson. Given a further opportunit­y, she added: “This individual is a rapist, that is the most important thing.”

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