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Castle confrontat­ion Masked and hooded intruder ‘like something out of a vigilante movie’

- Martin Evans

The police officer who apprehende­d Jaswant Singh Chail just yards from Elizabeth II’S private residence described him as looking “like something out of a vigilante movie”.

The uniformed officer, a member of the Royalty and Specialist Protection Command (RASP), was on duty outside the late Queen’s private apartment when he spotted Chail walking slowly towards him shortly after 8.10am on Christmas Day.

The suspect was wearing a dark mask and had his hood up, leading the officer to comment that he looked “like something out of a vigilante movie or dressed for Hallowe’en”.

The officer was so concerned that he unclipped his Taser before saying: “Morning, can I help, mate?”

Chail replied: “I am here to kill the Queen.” It was then the officer realised Chail was carrying a crossbow.

The officer withdrew his Taser and shouted for Chail to drop his weapon and get on his knees, which he did, repeating: “I am here to kill the Queen.”

Another RASP officer then arrived and handcuffed Chail, arresting him for possession of an offensive weapon and trespass on a protected site.

Two Grenadier Guards on sentry duty also saw the incident and described the crossbow as having been made ready to fire.

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