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Drivers ‘demonised’

Union boss cries foul


Striking train drivers are the victims of “demonisati­on”, a union boss said.

The strike by Aslef and RMT members took place after they rejected an 8pc offer that would take average salaries from nearly £60,000 to almost £65,000.

In an interview with ITV’S Good Morning Britain, it was suggested to Mick Whelan, the Aslef general secretary, that train drivers could lose the sympathy of people who earn significan­tly less.

He said: “The idea of the politics of envy and the demonisati­on of train drivers and other skilled workers has been going on now for over a year.

“It isn’t about what we earn; it is about what other people don’t earn. I want every nurse... everybody in the fire brigade ... in the public sector, every teacher to have what we have.”

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