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How net closed on football coach

Carsten Linke is unmasked as a Russian agent


Date unknown

Carsten Linke is recruited to Germany’s foreign intelligen­ce service, the BND, directly out of the armed forces.

Date unknown

Mr Linke begins his career in the agency’s signal intelligen­ce division in the Bavarian town of Pullach, where the agency conducts surveillan­ce of foreign communicat­ions.


Mr Linke is promoted to the position of unit head in signal intelligen­ce and moves to the BND’S offices in Berlin, left.


He is promoted to head of the division tasked with vetting BND agents, where he is responsibl­e for carrying out background checks on recruits and active personnel.

Dec 22 2022

He is arrested in Berlin on suspicion of treason after an allied intelligen­ce agency finds BND documents in the hands of Russian spies. Police search his offices and his apartment in the capital.

Jan 22 2023

Arthur E, suspected of being Mr Linke’s courier, is arrested at Munich airport on charges of treason.

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