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Wagner Group to be classed as terrorists

- By Ben Riley-smith

THE Home Office is planning to proscribe the Wagner Group as a terrorist organisati­on, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

The mercenarie­s have played a key role in Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and are spearheadi­ng attempts to take the town of Bakhmut. Proscripti­on would mean it becomes a criminal offence not just to belong to Wagner or attend its meetings but encourage support for it or carry its logo in public.

It would put Wagner on the same legal footing as groups such as al-qaeda and Islamic State. Such a step could have implicatio­ns for the group’s ability to raise money, should any assets or revenue streams pass through UK financial institutio­ns. It is understood discussion­s about proscripti­on are at an early stage and are not as advanced as the planned ban on the Islamic Revolution­ary Guard Corps in Iran.

Whitehall insiders predicted the green light will be achieved much quicker than the IRGC.

A Government spokesman said: “While the government keeps the list of proscribed organisati­ons under review, we do not comment on whether a specific organisati­on is or is not being considered for proscripti­on.”

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