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Sunak plans to ban migrants appealing against deportatio­n

- By Elsa Maishman

RISHI SUNAK is said to be preparing for a battle with the courts over plans to stop migrants appealing against deportatio­n after crossing the Channel in small boats.

The Home Office has drawn up two options to achieve this, The Times reported. The more radical proposal would take away the right of illegal migrants to appeal against their automatic denial of asylum.

An alternativ­e approach would be to only allow them to appeal after they had been deported.

In addition, a separate proposal would stop migrants who arrived illegally using parts of the Human Rights Act to escape deportatio­n, such as claiming that their right to family life or right to liberty was being breached, the paper reported.

In an interview with Talktv on Thursday, Mr Sunak said he still hopes to send illegal migrants to Rwanda.

The policy has been criticised by opposition parties and human rights organisati­ons, but Mr Sunak promised to keep it in place when he ran for the Tory leadership last summer.

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