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Harm of strikes


SIR – Strikes (Letters, February 2) are an old-fashioned weapon of dubious morality and wisdom.

Traditiona­lly, if employees felt they were underpaid they withdrew their labour and inflicted financial harm on the one paying their wages. The employer had three choices: he could give way; he could hold out; or he could close the business.

State employees do not hurt the employer – they hurt children’s education, delay sick people’s treatment and generally inconvenie­nce the travelling public.

Increased wages will add to inflation, which will hurt everyone, and government debt harms the taxpayer and the country. It is nonsense to say one has no choice. I do not argue that pay scales are right or fair, but I do believe that state employees are better paid, and have more job security and better pensions, than those in the private sector.

Sir Frank Davies

Deddington, Oxfordshir­e

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