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Of pennies and pests


SIR – Rosemary Seager (Letters, February 3) is correct that putting copper coins in with the tulips works wonders.

Placing these coins on door sills leading to the garden also stops ants from entering the house.

Lynne Waldron

Woolavingt­on, Somerset

SIR – What is really needed is a 99p coin.

Alexandra Wakid

London SW15

SIR – My wife and I have regular breaks in Minehead or Weston-super-mare. One of the highlights of these trips is a visit to an amusement arcade, where we fritter away a couple of pounds on the twopenny sliders.

Please don’t deprive this retired couple of their childlike entertainm­ent.

Dave Alsop

Churchdown, Gloucester­shire

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