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Bullying allegation­s


SIR – You discuss the allegation­s of bullying against Dominic Raab (Leading Article, February 3).

In my career as a public servant I faced bullying allegation­s twice – and was twice cleared after extremely stressful investigat­ions.

In both cases, I was simply trying to get staff to do the job that taxpayers were paying them to do.

John Neal

South Normanton, Derbyshire increase in the cost of the so-called renovation of the Peers’ Entrance to the House of Lords (report, February 3).

This was originally scheduled to cost about £2 million and has now jumped to £7 million in only 12 months. That’s a lot for a front door.

In my experience, many peers are sceptical of the need to have a new door at all. But if it is to be foisted upon them, despite their objections, they would at least like to have a full explanatio­n as to why it is necessary. Yet attempts by Lord Forsyth, the chairman of the Associatio­n of Conservati­ve Peers, to obtain informatio­n about the “new door” and why the costs have risen by such sky-scraping amounts have been brushed aside with stonewalli­ng answers.

It is understood that Parliament is devoting considerab­le amounts of money to security-related capital expenditur­e. Security is always sensitive but it is not satisfacto­ry that there is no meaningful financial informatio­n being provided about this.

At the moment there is great pressure on public spending, so it is vital that Parliament should be transparen­t, as well as setting an example of careful management of taxpayers’ money.

Lord Lamont of Lerwick (Con) London SW1

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