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Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, allegedly with an entourage of young women, visit Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s private Scottish estate, at the invitation of Prince Andrew. A photo showing the then-couple at Balmoral emerges years later.


Andrew invites the couple to a joint birthday party at Windsor Castle celebratin­g his 40th, Princess Anne’s 50th, Prince William’s 18th and Princess Margaret’s 70th.


Two years after he first faced criminal charges for multiple counts of unlawful sex with a minor, Epstein pleads guilty to one count of soliciting prostituti­on from someone under the age of 18. He avoids federal charges, which could have seen him sent down for life, and is sentenced to 18 months in jail on a special programme that allows him to leave and go to his office during the day. After 13 months he is released on good behaviour.


Footage is captured of Andrew peering around the front door of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and giving a younger woman a cheerful wave. An hour earlier, Epstein had left the house in the company of another young woman.

FEB 2011

After being tracked down in Australia by journalist Sharon Churcher, an interview with Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts) appears in The Mail on Sunday, with a photograph showing Andrew with his hand around Giuffre’s waist at Maxwell’s Belgravia home in 1999. It is allegedly taken by Epstein, and is the defining photo of the story.

FEB 2011

The News of the World publishes photograph­s (taken in December 2010) of Andrew and Epstein deep in conversati­on on a afternoon walk in Central Park. At the time Epstein had recently been released from jail for child sex offences. Andrew would later claim he was there, staying at Epstein’s home again, to end the friendship.

JULY 2011

Four months after his ties with Epstein come under severe scrutiny, Andrew loses his role as UK special representa­tive for trade and investment, Buckingham Palace announces.

APR 2015

It is made public that Andrew has been accused of participat­ing in sexual activities with a minor, later identified as Virginia Giuffre. She alleges they had sex three times: in London, in New York, and on Epstein’s private Caribbean island.

JULY 2019

Epstein is arrested on federal sex traffickin­g charges.

AUG 2019

Guards at the Metropolit­an Correction­al Centre in New York find Epstein unresponsi­ve in his cell. He is pronounced dead later that day. An examiner rules his death is suicide.

NOV 2019

Andrew is interviewe­d by Emily Maitlis in a Newsnight special at Buckingham Palace. He attempts to use the interview to explain how he has been hugely misunderst­ood. This is not achieved. Instead he provokes more questions, becomes a laughing stock worldwide, and puts Pizza Express Woking on the map.

NOV 2019

A week after the disastrous interview, Andrew announces he is stepping back from royal duties, since the Epstein scandal has become a “major disruption” to the Royal family. “I continue to unequivoca­lly regret my ill-judged associatio­n with Jeffrey Epstein,” he says.

APRIL 2020

In a move that was sure to cheer hospice workers suffering during the early stages of the coronaviru­s pandemic, Prince Andrew emerges from hiding to join his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, in packing boxes of cupcakes for them. The pair appear in an Instagram video.

AUG 2021

Guiffre sues Andrew in the United States, accusing him of sexual assault. Ian Maxwell prepared the “bath picture” (above) in preparatio­n for his sister’s trial in the winter of that year.

JAN 2022

In a surprise twist, Andrew settles Giuffre’s sexual assault case for an undisclose­d sum [said to be worth £7.5million]. This spares him having to give evidence at trial.

FEB 2022

Andrew’s military titles and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen. He will stop using the title His Royal Highness in an official capacity.

MAR 2022

Andrew makes a controvers­ial appearance at a memorial service at Westminste­r Abbey for his late father, Prince Philip, when he escorts his mother, the late Queen, to her seat.

SEP 2022

Andrew wears military uniform again for the “Vigil of the Princes” during the Queen’s lying in state at Westminste­r Hall, but not for her state funeral or during the period of national mourning.

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