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Nicola Sturgeon has failed the Scottish sisterhood


Can we still say that women wear knickers in these trans-ient times? Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, has certainly got hers in a twist over the case of the transgende­r double rapist, whose biological sex she is still struggling to determine, despite the convicted sex offender now known as Isla Bryson being born Adam Graham.

The SNP leader virtue-signalled headlong into yet another farce this week as she refused to reply several times to Douglas Ross, the Scottish Conservati­ve leader, over whether the criminal was now a woman, as her justice minister had said.

Sturgeon said that she didn’t have “enough informatio­n” upon which to form a precise opinion.

Sorry, but how much more intel could she possibly need than seeing the photograph of this scumbag, dressed in Lycra leggings that left very little to the imaginatio­n with regard to his male genitalia? Far from not having enough informatio­n – that picture alone provided us with quite the opposite: too much informatio­n and then some.

Notwithsta­nding how triggering that ghastly sight must have been for the victims of this appalling individual – is Sturgeon really so blind to the glaring pitfalls in her Gender Recognitio­n Reform Bill that she cannot see (for want of a better expression) a cock and bull story when it’s staring her in the face?

How ironic that the self-styled queen of equality has failed to listen to the one woman capable of solving this “mystery” – Graham’s ex-wife, Shannon, who said: “He’s bulls------the authoritie­s”.

In being more concerned about pronouns than protecting women, Sturgeon has failed the Scottish sisterhood.

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