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Major: Pulling out of ECHR will not do us any favours

- By Nick Gutteridge

QUITTING the European Court of Human Rights to tackle illegal migration would tarnish Britain’s global reputation, Sir John Major has said.

The former prime minister urged Rishi Sunak not to pull out of the Strasbourg-based ECHR as he waded into the debate over the UK’S membership.

Mr Sunak will consider quitting the court altogether if it blocks his plans to ban Channel migrants from appealing against deportatio­n.

Sir John told the Commons: “I do not think the Government would do itself any favours around the world if it were to withdraw from that and I profoundly hope that they won’t.” He was responding to Sir Robert Buckland, a former justice secretary, who said questions over Britain’s membership were “increasing­ly concerning”.

No country has ever voluntaril­y quit the ECHR. The only two nations to have left are Russia and Belarus, who were expelled after the invasion of Ukraine.

During his Commons appearance, Sir John lashed out at Brexit as a “colossal mistake” and suggested it was to blame

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