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Heads-up Monarch opts to ditch crown


King Charles’ decision to appear without a crown on the new postal stamps is a matter of “personal preference”.

The stamps, revealed today, will be available online from April 4 – before the coronation.

Stamps featuring the Queen’s image always portrayed her wearing a crown, but in early representa­tions on coins she had also been pictured wearing a laurel wreath.

However, while previous kings were traditiona­lly never featured wearing a crown on coins, it is usually featured somewhere on the stamp design, often above their head.

It is up to the monarch to decide on the image they want to use.

David Gold, director of external affairs and policy at the Royal Mail, said there was much speculatio­n about whether or not King Charles would choose to wear a crown in the definitive stamps, pointing out that kings have not always worn crowns and that it is a matter of personal preference.

“Quite rightly the King has decided that’s the image he wants and we are very happy to show that image as he chose,” he said.

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