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Growth of government


SIR – Rishi Sunak’s creation of several new government department­s, with more civil servants and bureaucrac­y, bewilders me. Since when has the creation of a government department generated innovation? It shocks me that any Conservati­ve could think this will aid growth in this great country.

Conservati­ves need to have faith in business people and innovators and give them freedom to create wealth. They should do this by providing a low-tax environmen­t in which the frontiers of the state are rolled back, not extended even further.

This latest gimmick sadly leads me to one conclusion: the Conservati­ves are now more Left-wing than Labour. Daniel L Smy

Weymouth, Dorset

SIR – One does not need the job descriptio­n, just the job title of Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, to know that Grant Shapps cannot do his new job. He is pursuing two inconsiste­nt goals. Chris Gillibrand

Swainby, North Yorkshire

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