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The over-50s glad to escape the daily grind


SIR – Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor, is keen for over-50s not to retire (Letters, February 1). Can I politely suggest he commutes from his South West Surrey constituen­cy on South Western Railway trains for a few weeks?

Perhaps then he might have more sympathy with those preferring to retire early rather than dying on their feet on a late and crowded train. Edward Bridges

London EC1

SIR – For some, the decision to retire early was not taken lightly.

In my case, after college and 40 years of continuous employment, I was made redundant at the age of 59, along with 70 other people. After five months of countless applicatio­ns I did manage to land a temporary admin job that lasted for four months. I had no luck with any subsequent relevant applicatio­ns. The disappoint­ment was hard to take, even though I had no expectatio­n of walking into a job at the same level.

As my wife and I are fortunate to be able to manage well enough on our finances without recourse to state aid, our carefulnes­s has allowed me to escape the anxiety of continuing to chase work that I have little chance of securing.

Phil Morley

Ferndown, Dorset

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