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Partner to a president


SIR – As a graduate of the Pakistan Command and Staff College in Quetta, I remember the great respect and affection we students had for Lieutenant Colonel (as he was then) Pervez Musharraf (Obituaries, February 6). He was one of the very best members of the Directing Staff, a talented and battle-hardened cohort of Pakistan army officers.

Twenty-five years later, at the end of my own military career, I returned to Quetta, along with a small number of other British Quetta graduates, to attend the ceremonies marking the centenary of the founding of the Staff College by Field Marshal Kitchener. President Musharraf, as by then he had become, was present for the entire weekend of events. Addressing a large military audience, he spoke brilliantl­y.

In the evening, in a more relaxed mood, he persuaded me to partner him in a traditiona­l Punjabi dance in front of hundreds – he was as brilliant with his feet and arms as he had been with his words. He was badly let down by his British partner who neverthele­ss treasures the memory of having danced with a president.

Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin Aberlour, Banffshire

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