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Menopausal women able to WFH under Labour

- By Camilla Turner chief political correspond­ent

MENOPAUSAL women will be given new rights such as being allowed to work from home if they are struggling with symptoms, under Labour plans.

Angela Rayner, the party’s deputy leader, will say today that middle-aged women should not have to “suffer in silence” and instead should be supported to “thrive” in the workplace.

This could include being allowed to work flexible hours, with more breaks, and having paid time off for health appointmen­ts.

Under a Labour government, all companies with more than 250 employees will be required to submit an annual action plan that sets out what adjustment­s they are making to support their female employees going through the menopause.

Research suggests that the menopause costs the UK economy £10 billion a year in sick leave and the costs of replacing those women who leave work.

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