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Testing ties


SIR – My collection of ties may not be as extensive as Tony Israel’s (Letters, February 27) but I still wear one several times a week.

The general problem, especially with club ties, is that they are not long enough. For a tie to be worn properly, it must be possible to tuck the short end into the restrainin­g loop behind, and for the tip of the tie to reach the belt. The best solution for a short tie is a waistcoat.

Michael Staples

Seaford, East Sussex

SIR – Years ago, as a Royal Navy Artificer Apprentice, I was berated by my Section Chief Petty Officer for sporting a Windsor knot. “That is an officer’s knot,” I was told.

As I knew no other way of tying a tie I applied for a commission – and was awarded one.

George Adams

Brading, Isle of Wight

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