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Driven to lane hogging

- Derby

SIR – I share the frustratio­n of many drivers when encounteri­ng “lane hoggers” who refuse to move into the empty slow lane on motorways (“Yes, we hate lane hogs, but there’s no way we’re budging”, report, February 23).

However, I do have a degree of sympathy with these drivers. The slow lanes on some older sections of our motorways are rough with ruts and potholes and best avoided.

Even more frustratin­g on our smart motorways is the practice among overtaking HGV drivers of occupying three lanes, leaving only the outside lane for faster-moving traffic to proceed. The HGV speed differenti­al is often so low that they might take several miles to complete their overtaking manoeuvres. So I ask: why are HGVS not restricted to the two inside lanes of these motorways? Terry Lloyd

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