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Flying Seagulls, Child’s Play World Service, 9.30am

Children in war zones need to play. In fact, they need the respite of play more than any other child does. In this programme, Georgia Moodie follows the work of the Flying Seagull Project and its founder, Ash Perrin. The project is a colourful, cynicism-busting carnival full of music, clowning and magic, taken to refugee camps and war zones (as well as the more rarefied surroundin­gs of Glastonbur­y festival), giving children the space and permission to play, have fun and be silly. The programme also asks broader questions about the importance of play to every child.

I Feel Therefore I Am Radio 4, 11.30am

Professor Abigail Williams explores the shift in our culture towards valuing subjective feelings and “lived experience­s” over objective evidence and rationalit­y. It’s a case of “the truth” versus “my truth”; recently explored by Prince Harry. In the final episode of this three-parter, Williams explores the idea of multiple truths, as articulate­d across history from Descartes to Derrida, encompassi­ng the worlds of science fiction and the internet. As the series concludes, we’re left with the question of whether the current understand­ing of subjective truth is something to embrace, or to fear.

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