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‘Neutral’ Civil Service


sir – The Sue Gray affair (Letters, March 4) is just one example of the upper echelons of the Civil Service demonstrat­ing Left-wing sympathies. Sir Keir Starmer is himself a former senior civil servant.

The ideal of a politicall­y neutral Civil Service is myth: it’s no wonder that Conservati­ve policies are rarely properly implemente­d. Perhaps it is time to consider replacing the top level of the Civil Service with political appointees, accountabl­e to their ministers, who could at least be depended on to honour the manifesto for which the electorate voted.

Phil Coutie

Exeter, Devon

sir – The Civil Service isn’t what it used to be. Did Sue Gray not realise that taking a job with Sir Keir Starmer would compromise her report on partygate?

Lord Renwick of Clifton

London W1

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