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This chart shows how the sky will appear at 11pm GMT on March 1, 10pm GMT on March 15 and 10pm BST on March 31. The clocks go forward by one hour at 1am GMT on Sunday March 26, marking the start of the UK’S British Summer Time (BST). The planets, when visible, are shown along with the location and phase of the moon at five-day intervals. The moon is full on March 7. The stars are shown as circles; the larger the circle the brighter the star. The hazy area represents the Milky Way.

Orientate the chart by holding it in front of you rotated so the compass bearing at the bottom matches the direction you’re facing. The bottom of the chart then reflects your horizon with the middle of the chart representi­ng the view directly above your head. The chart is designed to be viewed using a red torch outside. Red light allows you to see the chart detail without ruining your night vision.

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