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These connecting links of the Littoral are as punctual as the Casino croupier, their pilots as polite. The cars run strictly to schedule. There is no monopoly, and therefore no suppressio­n of a stimulatin­g rivalry. If there are fixed bases and regular halts, the drivers, forewarned, will always pick up or unload at any given point en route. The fares are really ridiculous­ly cheap – or so they seem in relation to other purchases and other imposts out here. For 5f (barely 2s) the casual tourist or the intrigued shopper (and she is anything but casual) may travel from Monte Carlo to Nice. Double that sum will convey the visitor from Cannes to Monte Carlo. In other words, it costs no more to gain a place de luxe along some of the most scenic roads in the world than to throw a white bone disc on to the roulette table and see it raked in with its red and green neighbours.

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