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Radio choice Charlotte Runcie


Galapagos Radio 4, 2.15pm

Kicking off the AI theme across today’s radio is this speculativ­e five-part drama thriller on the topic written by Simon Scardifiel­d and Andrew Day, exploring the modern nature of big tech, data manipulati­on and democracy in the context of a Welsh independen­ce movement. Hannah Daniel stars as Bryony in the year 2025, where Galapagos is an exciting new developmen­t in AI data manipulati­on that Bryony wants to use to advance her tech career. However, forces quickly spiral out of control. Directed by Philippa Swallow, John Norton and Emma Harding for BBC Audio Drama Wales.

A Documentar­y: By CHATGPT Radio 4, 8pm

CHATGPT and language generating AIS are rapidly revolution­ising the world we live in: how we work and interact. It’s starting to seem as if AI can now passably emulate all the enriching things that make human life worth living, such as literature, music and painting. The apparent benefits to this are as yet unexplaine­d. Anyway, can AI make a radio documentar­y about itself, its strengths, weaknesses and dangers? This is an attempt to find out, with “a bit of human help” (and how much help was required will tell its own story) from journalist Lara Lewington.

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