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‘Change’ candidate Sunak looks to be just more of the same, say Labour MPS

- By Danielle Sheridan

RISHI SUNAK is underminin­g his claim that he offers change from 13 years of Tory failure by bringing back David Cameron, the Labour Party has said.

While many across the Conservati­ve Party applauded Lord Cameron’s return to front-line politics, the Labour party lambasted the move.

It comes after Mr Sunak used his first Tory conference speech as leader last month to present himself as the leader who would “change” the party as he pledged to overhaul “thirty years of a political system which incentivis­es the easy decision, not the right one”.

In response to Lord Cameron’s appointmen­t, Pat Mcfadden MP, Labour’s National Campaign Coordinato­r, said: “A few weeks ago, Rishi Sunak said David Cameron was part of a failed status quo, now he’s bringing him back as his life raft. This puts to bed the

Prime Minister’s laughable claim to offer change from 13 years of Tory failure.”

David Lammy, the shadow foreign secretary, called Lord Cameron “a disastrous PM”. “This is a last gasp act of desperatio­n from a government devoid of talent and ideas,” he posted on X, formerly Twitter.

“Amid internatio­nal crisis, Sunak has chosen an unelected failure from the past who MPS cannot even hold to account. Only Labour offers the change we need.”

Admiral Lord West, the former first sea lord who held briefs as counter terror minister and cyber security minister from the House of Lords, said it was “extraordin­ary” to have someone operating at the level of a foreign secretary outside the Commons.

“If there are statements taken on a foreign policy issue it will have to be issued in the Lords, rather than the

Commons, so they’ll be shuffling backwards and forwards and someone will have to represent him far more formally in the Commons … who will that be?”

Michael Fabricant, the MP for Lichfield, also questioned how Lord Cameron would juggle the job away from the Commons.

He told GB News: “David Cameron will bring heft to to the job but won’t be accountabl­e to MPS other than before a select committee. He will not be allowed to make statements, answer urgent questions, or take part in foreign office questions in the Commons.”

Lord West also added that Lord Cameron was “a shoot from the hip merchant” as he cited the referendum in Scotland and Brexit.

He said with war raging between Israel and Hamas, Russia and Ukraine, “the world is far too dangerous to do any shooting from the hip”.

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