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Westminste­r funding is the answer

- Jeremy Balfour MSP


pressing need for investment in Edinburgh to ensure that the city can bounce back to better than pre-Covid levels of prosperity.

The UK Government has recently announced an extensive package of funding for Edinburgh and the South East of Scotland that includes a variety of different sectors.


£9.5 million will be going to schools for state-of-the-art systems that will monitor temperatur­e, CO2 levels, and humidity among other metrics. This will be used to teach children how to deal with data and statistics in real world contexts.


The UK Government is investing over £270 million across the city to promote Edinburgh as a Data Powerhouse. Investing in 5 Data

Driven Innovation (DDI) hubs across the City and the South East will not only help a range of other sectors, it will also bring good quality jobs to the area.


Over £16 million will be earmarked for the Granton Gas Holder, which will aid the waterfront renovation that is taking place in the area. It is hoped that the funding will help to make it one of the most sustainabl­e new neighbourh­oods in Scotland by securing further public and private sector investment of around £1.2 billion.

This is just a small snapshot of the suite of funding that is being delivered to Edinburgh from the UK Government. It will be a lifeline to many areas and sectors and is something to be celebrated and encouraged.

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