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These artists’ pieces will add the perfect finishing touch to your garden


Will Carr Sculpture

Watch a mesmerisin­g sculpture dance in the wind, sketching everchangi­ng forms across the sky. Will Carr creates fascinatin­g, contempora­ry kinetic sculptures combining complex engineerin­g and balance to produce pieces that move in the lightest of winds. These sculptures enhance the spaces they inhabit, their endless flow peacefully connecting viewers to nature. willcarrsc­ Tel: 07792 817950

Andrew Kay

Based in the north of England, Andrew Kay is an award-winning sculptor whose work can be seen in gardens and landscapes across the globe. From a starting point of detailed anatomical sketches, lengths of steel are welded together in Andrew’s Cumbrian studio to produce the evocative forms of native wildlife such as hares, deer and otters. andrewkays­ Tel: 07740 306412

The Glass Garden

Glass sculptures are a beautiful, sustainabl­e way to enhance your garden, and you can find some of the most experience­d sculptors working with glass at The Glass Garden. Here, Gabrielle Argent curates hand-blown and kilnformed glass pieces from a range of artists to offer a diverse selection of glass sculpture that will suit any garden. All of the glass is handmade in the UK. theglassga­ Tel: 07887 812346

Mr Fox’s Garden

Based in Torquay on the South Devon coast, Mr Fox’s Garden handmakes a range of garden art and plant supports. Crafted from high- quality steel, pieces include decorative flowers and seedheads to insert into your borders, crooks and spirals to help support plants, as well as cut- out panels featuring fern fronds and flowers, plus charming animal forms. mrfoxsgard­ Tel: 07514 342766

Border Sundials

Border Sundials create hand-crafted sundials that provide points of interest in every garden. Founded by Capel Tenison in the rolling hills of South Wales over 20 years ago, Border Sundials has built up an internatio­nal reputation. The armillary sphere is an elegant work of art, with unique engraving to make each one a personal and thoughtful addition to the garden. Crafted in stainless steel, brass and verdigris, they start from £ 2,180. bordersund­ Tel: 01873 840297

Susan Long Sculpture

An award-winning sculptor with an internatio­nal clientele, Susan creates thought-provoking bronze sculpture that makes an engaging and distinctiv­e focal point for your garden. Most recently she launched a range of foundry bronze sculpture, limited edition castings of selected pieces, such as popular Maggie Mae, featuring a girl and a horse. susanlongs­ Tel: 01673 828678

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