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Devon-based family company Riviera Hot Tubs is known for providing unparallel­ed quality, from the premium materials, to the passion and service you’ll experience from their team


Riviera Hot Tubs have been manufactur­ing wooden barrel hot tubs for 20 years. Every client is catered for individual­ly with the company’s bespoke service, and no product comes straight o a shelf. Riviera’s barrels are built to seat from two to sixteen people, using economical air source heating systems. New for 2023 are the company’s wood-fired hot tubs, heated by 55kW-output wood burning stoves, which are manufactur­ed in Kent using stainless steel and copper.

Each year Riviera continue to move away from plastic parts with the end goal of providing a system using only natural materials. Also newly introduced this year are new marine grade stainless

steel jet massage zones. These are subtle to the eye but provide an unparallel­ed hydrothera­py experience.

Riviera have also become a leader in recovery equipment for profession­al athletes. The company can manufactur­e bespoke cold therapy systems to suit the individual or look to the standard oval cold therapy tubs.

Cedar Wood Hot Tubs

In this world of plastics and synthetics, it’s refreshing to find something made of wood. Riviera’s traditiona­l hot tubs are classic in their design and simplicity.

Made from Canadian kiln-dried cedar, chosen for its clear grain, long-term stability and natural resistance to decay, these hot tubs have both an aesthetic and tactile quality, which results in a truly unique bathing experience.

Natural wooden tubs are a pleasure to use and a beautiful addition to any garden landscape, be they freestandi­ng or built into new or existing patios or timber decking. In an increasing­ly hectic and stressful world, a tub oers a peaceful and soothing refuge any time of the year in the privacy of your garden.

The craftsmans­hip of Riviera’s tubs simply can’t be found in mass-produced plastic spas, and the touch, feel and smell of beautiful cedar wood is unparallel­ed.


The benefits of hydrothera­py have been known for thousands of years. Ancient civilisati­ons enjoyed bathing in hot water springs and hydrothera­py was born.

There are three factors at work in a hot tub – heat, buoyancy and massage – and combined they create a perfect environmen­t that can be used to help treat a number of ailments from arthritis to minor sports injuries. Immersing

Clockwise from top left Riviera’s Cedar hot tubs are controlled at the touch of a button; experience the benefits of a hot tub in a beautiful garden setting; Riviera also design bespoke sauna and steam rooms.

yourself in hot water raises the body’s temperatur­e and causes blood vessels to dilate, which results in increased circulatio­n and endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller­s. It can also help reduce blood pressure and high sugar levels.

Riviera’s hot tubs are also deeper than convention­al acrylic types, making you more buoyant. Step in and you lose over half your body weight, relieving pressure on joints and muscles and creating a relaxing sensation you can’t get in a normal bath.

Pure Pleasure

The massaging action in the water is created from the bubble bench and jets positioned in the tub, which send a mixture of warm water and air through to the jet nozzles. These gently massage away all the aches and pains caused by the daily stresses of today’s fast pace of life. Simply soaking in a hot, swirling tub will leave you mentally and physically relaxed. Twenty minutes in the morning can give you a fresh start and a long soak before bed can help improve sleep.

Rejuvenati­ng Saunas

Riviera don’t just supply their own British-made hot tubs, but also design and build bespoke sauna and steam rooms. Mixing the sauna and steam experience with a cold plunge or bathing in one of their hot tubs will give a true wellness experience. Riviera also build repair rooms for profession­al athletes using the same mix of experience­s: relax, recover, and repair.

Used on a regular basis, a sauna has many benefits. Saunas detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate your body and skin through perspirati­on. They stimulate respiratio­n and circulatio­n, relax tired and aching muscles and the dry heat of the sauna also relieves congestion.

Relaxation time is such an important commodity and having a sauna or hot tub will provide you with somewhere to destress and unwind day or night. They can also be used as a place to spend quality time with friends and family. Contact Riviera to discuss the options for your bespoke steam or infrared sauna.

For more informatio­n, tel: 01626 367037 or visit

 ?? ?? Above Riviera hot tubs can be recessed or free-standing, and the new wood-fired models don’t need access to electricit­y.
Above Riviera hot tubs can be recessed or free-standing, and the new wood-fired models don’t need access to electricit­y.
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