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Profession­al gardeners can also make the change


Kress is leading the charge towards a greener future with its breakthrou­gh innovation in battery-powered technology that’s built to deliver the performanc­e and power of petrol. For decades, petrol-powered gardening and landscape equipment has been a reliable choice for commercial use, due to most battery-powered equipment being incapable of matching or surpassing the benefits of their petrolpowe­red counterpar­ts. This is coupled with the fact that innovation in battery technology has remained slow in meeting the ever-growing demands of profession­al gardeners.

Landscape profession­als have tended to veer away from battery-powered equipment due to the excessive charging time required for continued use, the expense associated with the limited life cycle, and unreliable performanc­e quality. Despite concerns that the air and noise pollution associated with petrol-powered equipment is having a severe impact on the environmen­t, profession­als have so far been forced to select an option that provides an economical advantage in terms of power and uninterrup­ted operation.

Tackling the current limitation­s of battery power head on, Kress is taking the evolution from petrol to battery to a groundbrea­king next level by providing a stronger, faster, quieter and more aordable option. Its tools are specifical­ly designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial landscaper­s, and will drive batterypow­ered technology forward to a brighter, more ecient future.

The new commercial Kress 8-minute Cybersyste­m™ battery platform has been engineered to oer the fastest recharge of any commercial battery system available. It has twice the power output of standard lithium-ion batteries and has been developed with heavy-duty use in mind.

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