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Pheromones are es­sen­tially our ex­ter­nal hor­mones: it’s al­leged they in­duce sex­ual arousal in oth­ers. But their ex­is­tence is con­tentious. What is less open to de­bate is the pri­mal ef­fect fra­grance can have on us. Dove puts it pretty bluntly: “We smell with the most prim­i­tive part of our brain, where all of our emo­tions are pro­cessed. It’s the an­i­mal part of us and, of course, sex is one of the most an­i­mal things we do, so if some­one doesn’t smell right, the sex is go­ing to go nowhere.” He warns that, “very fresh, cit­rus scents com­mu­ni­cate some­one with an overly clean home. If you want to cre­ate an en­vi­ron­ment bor­der­ing on dis­ci­plinar­ian try leathers, mosses, woods. These ma­te­ri­als sug­gest the ex­cite­ment of some­one who is self­as­sured and will take you in their hands. If some­one likes the idea of be­ing slowly se­duced, then go for vanilla ori­en­tal

ma­te­ri­als and its soft bal­sams.”

Parterre in Dorset pro­duces three fra­grances us­ing home-grown in­gre­di­ents

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