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“My aunt never got out of bed with out Guer­lain Jicky. I can’t smell it without burst­ing into tears. Proust and all that.”

Jenny Elkus, ar­chi­tect, Bos­ton, MA

“I really loathe any­thing with a vanilla base, be­cause it’s so cloy­ing and makes me feel claus­tro­pho­bic, and usu­ally like any­thing that has ve­tiver or cit­rus in it for ex­actly the op­po­site rea­son.”

Caro­line Gill, clas­si­cal mu­sic com­men­ta­tor, Hamp­shire, UK

“Lalique Amethyst. The cherry low note drives me wild.”

Ed­ward Evans, writer, Tel Aviv, Is­rael

“I wear Floris, Berg­amotto Di Posi­tano, but the smell of basil or lemon­grass can stop me in my tracks. I had Floris make me a scent but I rather ru­ined it by in­sist­ing on too much pas­sion fruit oil. It’s a great gift though.” Cather­ine Hackett, blog­ger, Hamp­shire, UK

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