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Wal­lets Marts Cas­tle Dou­glas held their fort­nightly store and OTM cat­tle sale on Mon­day in con­junc­tion with their an­nual May sale of breed­ing cat­tle.

359 store cat­tle were sold and, whilst qual­ity was poorer in gen­eral than a fort­night ago, trade for all classes was dearer.

Top­ping the sale at £1350 was a pen of Salers bul­locks shown by MrWT Evans, Awhirk, Stran­raer. Top price per kg in the bul­lock sec­tion was 300p paid to Messrs David­son, Pold­ean, for an out­stand­ing pen of eight Charo­lais crosses. Heifers sold to £1210 for Ab­erdeen An­gus crosses from A Muir & Son, Milton Park, and to 277.2p per kg for Charo­lais crosses, again from Pold­ean. Over­all av­er­ages saw bul­locks level at 236.6p and heifers level at 222.03p.

A smaller show of 28 OTM cat­tle were once again well bid for, selling to 196p per kg for an over­age heifer from Slate­house with the top price of £1607.70 be­ing paid to A Smith, Low Ark­land, for a Charo­lais bull. Top price OTM cow was £1380.40 for a Sim­men­tal cross from Barr of Spottes.

The later spring and lack of fod­der im­pacted on breed­ing trade and whilst the stronger, fleshier out­fits were eas­ily cashed, leaner types strug­gled.

Breed­ing bulls topped at £2500 for a Charo­lais from TB Hansell & Co, Nether Barr. Heifers with calves at foot sold to £2250 off Gar­martin whilst bulling heifers topped at £1120 for a pen of Ab­erdeen An­gus from Auchen­leck.

Bul­locks, Li­mousin: £1205 Kirkmabrec­k; £1160 Flathill; £1080 Risk; £980 Flathill. Short­horn: £930 Wa­ter­side ofTer­re­gles. Sim­men­tal: £1015 Risk. Charo­lais: £1165 Kirkmabrec­k; £950 Kil­lochy. An­gus: £1110 Gar­rarie; £1100 Pal­mal­let; £1060, £1020 Lang­barns; £1010 Pal­mal­let. Saler: £1350 Awhirk; £1135 Kirkmabrec­k. Lu­ing £870 Knock­neen; £840 Mun­craig. Bri­tish Blue £1080 Risk.

Heifers, Li­mousin: £1165 Kirkmabrec­k; £930 Park ofTong­land. Charo­lais: £1190 Kirkmabrec­k. An­gus: £1210 Milton Park; £1065 Hill of Bal­maghie; £1020 Moss-side; £1000 Ar­bigland. Lu­ing: £1115, £1000(x2) Ar­bigland. Sim­men­tal: £1090, £1045 Drumhumphr­y. Blonde: £890 Knock­neen. Bri­tish Blue: £1040, £965 Risk OTM, cows: An­gus: £1074 Slate­house; £947 Mun­craig. Li­mousin: £951 Up­per Hard­land; £824 Castle­hill. Lu­ing: £730 Mun­craig. Sim­men­tal: £1380 Barr of Spottes.

Bulls: £1607 Low Ark­land. Breed­ing cat­tle

Heifers with bull calves at foot: £2250, Gar­martin; £2150, £1950, £1850 Der­rie; £1800(x2) Flathill; £1800 Gar­martin; £1700 Flathill.

Heifers with heifer calves at foot: £1950 Flathill; £1850(x3) Gar­martin; £1750 Flathill; £1700(x2) Der­rie; £1700 Flathill.

Bulling heifer: £1120, £1020(x2); £1000 Au chen le ck ;£930 Wa­ter side, T er reg les.

Bull: £2500 Nether Barr

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