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CAPRICORN DE­CEM­BER 22 - JAN­UARY 20 De­spite hav­ing bust a gut to bal­ance the books, you should have some­thing to cel­e­brate this week. No more bud­get cuts. Then again, no mat­ter what you plan to do with your money, with Mars at odds with Uranus on Thurs­day it’s still a risky busi­ness. Any sur­plus, you should re-in­vest.

AQUARIUS JAN­UARY 21 - FE­BRU­ARY 19 Life isn’t so com­plex. In fact, you should have clar­ity on a num­ber of per­sonal is­sues and ex­pe­ri­ence such hap­pi­ness this week. True, with Mars in Aquarius chal­lenged by your ruler Uranus on Thurs­day, you could be on a short fuse. Guess no one can ac­cuse you of be­ing bor­ing.

PISCES FE­BRU­ARY 20 - MARCH 20 To be hon­est, your prospects have never looked bet­ter. Bear in mind, Mars is chal­lenged by Uranus on Thurs­day, and ev­ery­one seems to want to fix you or change your life, with­out lift­ing a fin­ger. Give it a rest and in­vest more time in things that give you the most plea­sure.

ARIES MARCH 21 - APRIL 20 This should be a mag­i­cal time. How­ever, you have ev­ery right to de­cide your ro­man­tic fu­ture, whether others like it or not. In fact, with Mars your ruler chal­lenged by Uranus af­ter mid­week, some­one may try to ex­act re­venge. Do you end the re­la­tion­ship? Maybe you are too nice a per­son.

TAURUS APRIL 21 - MAY 21 A time of ut­ter bliss. Now you are sup­posed to be one big happy fam­ily, and this is the case. How­ever, with Mars at odds with Uranus in Taurus on Thurs­day, others may dis­play vary­ing de­grees of be­hav­iour. That is not the big­gest sur­prise. You could achieve an un­ex­pected break­through.

GEMINI MAY 22 - JUNE 21 Ev­ery­one knows you have a dual per­son­al­ity. Some Gemini’s travel hope­fully, others suf­fer from anx­i­ety. Which one are you? With Mars at cross pur­poses with Uranus on Thurs­day, you may be pres­surised into act­ing on the spur of the mo­ment. It could be the best de­ci­sion you ever made.

CANCER JUNE 22 - JULY 22 It’s not that you are un­aware of how much things cost. More that you fancy the best that money can buy. With Mars at odds with Uranus on Thurs­day, re­gard­ing ex­pen­di­ture, you should re­duce your spend­ing. The sad­dest part is that you have lost a friend but gained some­thing bet­ter.

LEO JULY 23 - AU­GUST 22 Not only do you de­sire a full, rich life, but you could ac­tu­ally achieve it. Bear in mind, with Mars com­bined with the volatile planet Uranus on Thurs­day, others are furious. Join the queue. But some­thing burns in­side of you, and you must con­tinue to be­lieve that dreams come true.

VIRGO AU­GUST 23 - SEPTEM­BER 22 Gen­er­ally, you take things in your stride. By and large, this should be a quiet time. How­ever, with Mars chal­lenged by Uranus af­ter mid­week, your pa­tience may be put to the test. In truth, it’s ac­tion sta­tions, and there can be no more ex­cuses when it comes to chang­ing di­rec­tion.

LIBRA SEPTEM­BER 23 - OC­TO­BER 23 You don’t need more friends. Even those who tried to en­list you met with no suc­cess. How­ever, with Mars at log­ger­heads with Uranus on Thurs­day, some­body may not live up to their com­mit­ment. At first, you could take it hard. How­ever, you are far too busy so­cially to take of­fence.

SCORPIO OC­TO­BER 24 - NOVEM­BER 22 No doubt the fu­ture is bright. Not only that, but you should start to en­joy life. With Mars at odds with Uranus on Thurs­day, not ev­ery­one shares your am­bi­tions, in­ter­ests, of life­style choices. You should re­ceive many re­quests from else­where this week. Some you may have to re­ject. SAGITTARIU­S NOVEM­BER 23 - DE­CEM­BER 21 By na­ture, you are not just a trav­eller, but an ex­plorer. It will be a rare Sagit­tar­ian who isn’t broad­en­ing their hori­zons this week. With Mars at odds with Uranus on Thurs­day, ex­cite­ment may turn to stress. Even then, you should come alive as the sum­mer mad­ness be­gins in earnest.

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