Ste­wartry out­played in open­ing league game

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li­ne­out in­side the home 22. Ste­wartry took the ball and drove for­ward al­low­ing McMor­ran to drive over with Mosey adding the ex­tras.

Af­ter the restart, Stra­then­drick put pres­sure on the Ste­wartry pack in the half­way scrum al­low­ing them to at­tack left and then right to get over the Blacks line for an­other try and con­ver­sion.

Two min­utes be­fore the break, Picken was re­placed by Cunningham. Stra­then­drick took the ball in a scrum, charg­ing up the mid­dle to add an­other try un­der the posts. The con­ver­sion ended the first pe­riod.

With Kerr and Picken back on and Jamieson in place of Broll and McMor­ran the home side kicked off the sec­ond half. The Blacks were tak­ing some big hits but they man­aged to make ground up to the home 22 be­fore be­ing stopped.

Af­ter the scrum the Blacks went off­side, giv­ing the home team a li­ne­out on the Ste­wartry 22. Stra­then­drick at­tacked up the left side but the Blacks de­fence put them in touch five me­tres out.

The home for­wards took the ball in the li­ne­out and drove to­ward the Ste­wartry line but they were stopped a foot short, giv­ing away a penalty al­low­ing the Blacks to clear the ball away.

Fif­teen min­utes into the sec­ond pe­riod Broll went back on in place of Un­der­wood. From a scrum Mosey cleared the ball away but the home side took a quick throw in to at­tack up the right side where again they were stopped short of the Ste­wartry line. From the five me­tre scrum the home pack took the ball to get a try un­der the posts adding the ex­tras.

Go­ing into the last quar­ter Ste­wartry were pe­nalised for play­ing the ball on the ground on the 10 me­tre line, giv­ing the home team an­other at­tack­ing op­por­tu­nity up the right side. They touched down out wide but missed the con­ver­sion.

Un­der­wood re­turned in place of Kerr. An­other Stra­then­drick charge up the right side saw them give away a penalty al­low­ing Mosey to clear the ball. The home for­wards got a turnover to go right again and run in an­other score and adding the ex­tras.

Ten min­utes from time McMor­ran and Cunningham re­placed Picken and McGuire. The Blacks got a penalty in home territory get­ting up to the 22 but they were pe­nalised for not re­leas­ing.

Stra­then­drick took a quick tap and then were pe­nalised on their own 10 me­tre line al­low­ing the Blacks to get back to the home 22 but they knocked on.

From the scrum the home pack se­cured the ball to break up the mid­dle and get a try. Adding the con­ver­sion took the fi­nal score to Stra­then­drick 59 Ste­wartry 7.

Ste­wartry were out­played by a strong well drilled home team whose for­wards dom­i­nated in a lot of the set piece play al­low­ing them to run straight at the Blacks mak­ing it hard to de­fend. Ste­wartry squad:

J Fing­land (capt), S Mil­li­gan, T J McCar­ney, D Kerr, A Cou­p­land, C Mosey, S Broll, K McGuire, I McMor­ran, D Maxwell, R Un­der­wood, A Budde, L David­son A Kerr, J Picken, J Jamieson, R Cunningham, M McCul­loch.

Above Brothers Zack and Cal­lum Rawl­ings Right Su­san Hind and John Low

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