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I’ve suf­fered from se­vere back pain for years. When my disc came out of the align­ment, the pain would be so se­vere that strong pain killers could do noth­ing. I had to use two walk sticks to walk and my brother had to come in the morn­ing to put my socks on be­cause I just couldn’t bend at all. I would go to an os­teopath to have my disc put back. Af­ter the treat­ment it would al­ways take a month to re­cover. Even af­ter the re­cov­ery, I would still have the back pain all the time. Each year this cy­cle would hap­pen sev­eral times and my back was con­stantly weak and sore.

I’d like to have a more thor­ough treat­ment so I came to try Dr Yu’s clinic. Af­ter the 1st ses­sion my back felt 20% bet­ter. I had four ses­sions and by the end of this treat­ment my back felt at least 50% bet­ter and I felt re­ally good within my­self.

I de­cided to have a break and see how long the re­sults could last. Dur­ing the six weeks break my back was all good and the pre­vi­ous se­vere pain never came back. Then I de­cided to have an­other four ses­sions be­fore my hol­i­day. This time af­ter my sec­ond ses­sion, I’ve felt 100% pain free, no pain killers and no pain at all! My back also feels so much stronger. I can use my back freely with­out wor­ry­ing cer­tain move­ments may put the disc out.

That’s the best back treat­ment I’ve ever had, not only to take the pain away, but also to strengthen my back and im­prove my gen­eral health at the same time. I would def­i­nitely 100% rec­om­mend Tai Chi clinic!

Mr Pen­man Dr Yu’s Note: Mr Pen­man’s back prob­lem is a typ­i­cal wear&tear con­di­tion. The mus­cle and lig­a­ment in the back area were also too weak to keep the discs in place. To treat his con­di­tion we need to do two things to­gether: clear the in­flam­ma­tion and strengthen the mus­cle and lig­a­ment at the same time.

As a re­sult when the in­flam­ma­tion is gone the back has been strength­ened to keep the disc in place. How­ever due to nat­u­ral ag­ing, this con­di­tion would also need some main­te­nance ev­ery so of­ten to keep the mus­cle and lig­a­ment nour­ished and strong.

Joint, Mus­cu­lar and Ner­vous Pain: Sore Neck, Frozen Shoul­der, Ten­nis El­bow, Back Pain, Sci­at­ica, Sore Knee, Sore Foot, Arthri­tis, Fi­bromyal­gia, Mi­graine, Neu­ral­gia. Di­ges­tive Com­plaints: IBS, Acid Re­flux, In­di­ges­tion, Type Two Di­a­betes, Bloat­ed­ness. Psy­cho­log­i­cal Con­di­tions: Stress, Anx­i­ety, De­pres­sion. Au­toim­mune Dis­ease: Type One Di­a­betes, Rheuma­toid Arthri­tis, Enema, Al­lergy, Pso­ri­a­sis, Alope­cia, Parkinson’s and MS. Breath­ing: Asthma, Chest In­fec­tion, Cough­ing and Ph­legm. Hor­monal Im­bal­ances: Menopause, Ir­reg­u­lar Pe­riod, PMS.

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