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Wal­lets Marts Cas­tle Dou­glas Limited held their fort­nightly store and OTM sale in con­junc­tion with their Oc to­ber breed­ing cat­tle sale on Mon­day.

A much plainer show of 53 OTM cat­tle met a se­lec­tive trade with well fleshed cows still be­ing the eas­i­est to sell.

Top­ping the trade at £1165.80 was an Aberdeen An­gus cow from Messrs Lind­say, Cul­naightrie.

Top price per kg in the cow sec­tion was 138p paid again to Messrs Lind­say, Cul­naightrie for an­other AA cow.

Cast bulls made to 126p and £1030.68 for a Li­mousin cross from Lar­glea. Over­all sale av­er­age lev­elled at 102.27p per kg or £607.47.

A small se­lect show of 14 store cat­tle eas­ily found new homes sell­ing to £1080 for a Charo­lais bul­lock from Cog­a­rth. Charo­lais heifers from the same home sold to £990. Bul­locks av­er­aged 198.82p whilst heifers lev­elled at 195.3p.

One hun­dred and 70 head of breed­ing an­i­mals were for­ward and sold at the an­nual Oc­to­ber sale of breed­ing cat­tle. Trade was bet­ter than most had an­tic­i­pated greatly helped by a full ring­side of bid­ders. Top­ping the trade at £2,150 was a Li­mousin heifer with a Li­mousin bull calf at foot from Messrs Fisher, Flathill.

The Flathill con­sign­ment of 14 heifers and calves av­er­aged £1795. Nine heifers and calves from Gar­martin topped at £1,980 and av­er­aged £1,701. Seven heifers and calves from Derry, Port William sold to £1900 and av­er­aged £1,787. A fea­ture of the sale was the part dis­per­sal of the Dal­hanna herd of AAX and SalersX cows with spring­born Charo­lais calves at foot.

The cows ranged from six years to 14 years old and topped at £2000 to av­er­age £1,282. Also for­ward was the dis­per­sal of breed­ing cat­tle from Mrs Rep­ton, Auchen­cairn which topped at £1100 for a Gal­loway X Cow and Gal­loway bull calf. Bul­locks: £1080, £950 Cog­a­rth;

£880 Ed­ing­ham. Heifers: £990, £860.

OTM Cows : £ 1165, £ 1005 Cul­naightrie; £ 1032, £ 1020 Trolane. Bulls: £1030 Lar­glea.

Breed­ing cat­tle Heifers with bull calves at foot: £2,150, £2,080, £2,050 Flathill; £1,980, £1,900, £1,850 Gar­martin; £ 1,900 Der­rie. Heifers with heifer calves at foot: £1,920, £1,900, £1850(x2), £1,820 Flathill; £1,900, £1,880 Der­rie; £1,800 Gar­martin. Cows with bull calves at foot: £2,000, £1,450(x3); £1420 Dal­hanna. Cows with heifer calves at foot: £1,820, £1,780, £1,600 Dal­hanna.

Bulling heifer :£800 Auchen­leck.

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