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South West Scot­land Rid­ing Club held a team show jump­ing event at Barsto­brick Eques­trian Cen­tre on Septem­ber 23.

The event was very pop­u­lar with more than thirty teams en­tered, bat­tling for clear rounds and the fastest times.

Re­sults Lead rein: 1 Niths­dale Pink – Ava Drum­mond (Gigi), Kyla Shortt (Goldie), Evie Dun­can (Scampi), An­nie Drum­mond (Blackie); 2 Lochhill Leapfrogs A – Ava Thom­son (Lochhill Pa­trick), Maisie Wilde (Lochhill Phoenix), Paige Shields (Lochhill Abby); 3 Lochhill Leapfrogs B – Indie McKe­and (Lochhill Abby), Mac Sut­ton (Lochhill Peggy Sue), Kayla Robert­son (Lochhill Pa­trick).

Wib­bly Wob­bly: 1 Dolly Mix­tures – Molly McCub­bin (Fizz), Chloe McA­dam (Suzie), Freya Glover ( Jack), Ruth Robert­son (Blue); 2 Uni­corns – Cara Jamieson (Ria), Erin Jamieson (Paris), Me­gan McIll­wraith (Molly), Kate McDon­ald (Mad­die); 3 Team New­bridge – Shan­non Lo­gan (Mr Apache), Ruby Skim­ming (Bum­ble), Erin Cur­rie (Tommy), Jodie Cur­rie (Iris); 4 Niths­dale Pink – Kyla Shortt (Goldie), Izzy Dun­can (Jilly), Evie Dun­can (Scamp), Caitlin Nairn (Rindy); 5 Lochhill Lo­co­mo­tion – Mac Sut­ton (Lochhill Peggy Sue), Nuala Hall (Lochhill Mil­lie), Isla Dacre (Lochhill Fiona), Molly Gra­ham (Lochhill Abby).

60cm: 1 Niths­dale Red – Chloe Gor­man (Se­crets), Priya Rome (Rosie), Alis­tair Sloan ( Blaze), Kyle Scott ( Blue­bell); 2 Gel­sto­ni­ans – Jas­mine McCul­loch (Reuben), Eva Henkel­man (Aspen), Oliver Camp­bell (Pep­per), Kristina Camp­bell (Boca); 3 Niths­dale Green – Caitlin Nairn (Rindy), Izzy Dun­can (Jilly), Lara Barnes (Cleo), Kyle Scott (But­ter­fly); 4 Danc­ing Ponies – Erin Jamieson (Paris), Laura Don­nan (Gin­ger), Me­gan McIll­wraith (Molly), Kate McDon­ald (Mad­die); 5 Team New­bridge – Olivia Sned­don (Zorro), Ruby Skim­ming (Bum­ble), El­iz­a­beth Dick­son (Bos­ton), Jodie Cur­rie (Iris); 6 Lochhill Light­ning – Cathra Irv­ing (Lochhill Heidi), Na­dia Pow­ell (Smokey), Han­nah Mid­dle­mas (Lochhill Hay­ley), Isla Dacre (Lochhill Fiona).

70cm: 1 Th­reavers – Jas­mine McCul­loch (Reuben), Eva Henkel­man (Aspen), Oliver Camp­bell (Bill), Tammy McColm (Lola); 2 Niths­dale Yel­low – Lara Barnes (Cleo), Fern Col­lier (An­gel), Kyle Scott (But­ter­fly) Aaron Som­merville (Ed­die); 3 Niths­dale Red – Chloe Gra­ham (Se­crets), Priya Rome (Rosie), Alis­tair Sloan (Blaze), Kyle Scott (Blue­bell); 4 Lochhill Lu­cifer A – Molly Gra­ham (Lochhill For­tune), Han­nah Mid­dle­mas (Lochhill Hay­ley), Kelsie Mid­dle­mas (Hunters Lochhill Folly), Na­dia Pow­ell (Smokey); 5 Gal­loway B – Tammy Camp­bell (Flynn), Jenni Brook (Belle), Su­san­nah Ser­vice (Moon­light); 6 Gal­loway A – Leigh Vance (San­tana), Laura Don­nan (Gin­ger), Ge­orgie Barr (Amy).

80cm: 1 MacLel­lans – Jenna Hankel­man (Mil­lie), Kristina Camp­bell (Bill), Gemma Cay­gill (Lulu), Tammy McColm (Lola); 2 Gal­loway B – Ge­orgie Barr (Amy), Izzy Miller Smith (Am­ber), Jenni Brooke (Belle); 3 Niths­dale Red – Chloe Gor­man (Se­crets), Priya Rome (Rosie), Alis­tair Sloan (Bai­ley), Laura Pen­man ( Apache); 4 Niths­dale Yel­low – Fern Col­lier (An­gel), Lara Barnes (Cleo), Aaron Som­merville (Ed­die), Lind­sey Mun­dell (Tommy); 5 Lochhill Lu­cifer B – Molly Gra­ham (Lochhill For­tune), Kelsie Mid­dle­mas (Hunter Lochhill Folly), Rachel Ire­land (Mosskeigh Billy King), Karolina Szafer (Holly Marsh Mar­tini); 6 Gal­loway A – Leigh Vance (San­tana), Suzan­nah Ser­vice (Moon­light), Izzy Miller Smith (Casper), Tammy Camp­bell (Flynn).

90cm: 1 Gal­loway C – Izzy Miller Smith (Casper), Su­san­nah Ser­vice (Mac), Emma Don­nan (Blue), Izzy Miller Smith (Am­ber); 2 Buit­tlers – Jenna Henkel­man (Mil­lie), Amelia Craig (Jack), Gemma Cay­gill (Lulu), Kristina Camp­bell (Bill); 3 Niths­dale Red – Lind­sey Mun­dell (Tommy), Alis­tair Sloan (Bai­ley), Laura Pen­man (Apache).

1m: 1 Caerlave­rock­ers – Amelia Craig ( Jack), Gemma Cay­gill ( Lulu), Jenna Henkel­man (Mil­lie), Kristina Camp­bell (Bill); 2 Gal­loway C – Emma Don­nan (Blue), Izzy Miller Smith (Am­ber), Suzan­nah Ser­vice (Mac).

Team Caerlave­rock­ers Amelia Craig, Gemma Cay­gill, Jenna Henkel­man and Kristina Camp­bell. Pic­ture cour­tesy of Gor­don Ni­col

Up and over Izzy Miller Smith on Am­ber. Pic­ture cour­tesy of Gor­don Ni­col

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