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The annual South West Scot­land Dairy Show held at Wal­lets Marts, Cas­tle Dou­glas, on Wed­nes­day, Oc­to­ber 31, was a great suc­cess with 60 an­i­mals for­ward from four breeds.

Judge Bryce Sloan, Darn­law, Ayr­shire, had a tough job with ex­hibitors who had trav­elled from as far as Bal­lantrae in the West and Hex­ham in the East to com­pete at the show.

Tak­ing the cham­pi­onship in a strong Hol­stein sec­tion was Col­vend At­las Rox EX94 from Steven and Tracey Roan, Dal­beat­tie. Fresh at the be­gin­ning of Au­gust in her sev­enth lac­ta­tion she is giv­ing 44 litres a day, hav­ing pro­duced 75 tonnes life­time to date. She is the sev­enth gen­er­a­tion of Ex­cel­lent clas­si­fied cows from the Roxy fam­ily and has pre­vi­ously stood se­cond at South West Scot­land Dairy Show, Dum­fries Show and Ste­wartry Show.

Fur­thest trav­elled ex­hibitor Richard Baynes from Hex­ham had a worth­while jour­ney when his fifth calved Ayr­shire cow, West Moss­giel Miss Mod­ern 28 EX94-3E stood cham­pion. Sired by West Moss­giel Aramis she stood sale cham­pion and was pur­chased at the North­ern Na­tional Ayr­shire Sale 2017 for 3000gns from the late Stu­art Gilliland. Fresh 42 days and peak­ing at 68kgs she has given 57,017kg life­time so far. Last year she stood third se­nior cow at AgriS­cot and 1st PLI.

Jonny Lochhead, Mouswald, se­cured the Brown Swiss cham­pi­onship with Kedar Alino Car­men. The heifer also stood first 3yr old and Hon­ourable Men­tion at UK Dairy Day. Fresh in May with a Jedi heifer calf she has pro­duced 4455kgs at 4.51%bf and 3.55%p so far this lac­ta­tion.

Cly­de­val­ley Tequila Flora 2 EX91 stood cham­pion Jersey for Ali Cook, Lochmaben. This third lac­ta­tion cow is 70 days fresh and giv­ing 42 litres a day. Pur­chased pri­vately from breeder Robert Hunter she has since stood Jersey cham­pion at Dum­fries Show 2017 and se­cond Maiden Heifer at UK Dairy Expo 2015. She has a daugh­ter by Vin­di­ca­tion con­signed to the Black & White Sale at Carlisle on December 5.

The show­man­ship classes were well sup­ported with Ruby Pat­ter­son win­ning the ju­nior class and cousin Kat­lyn McCormick win­ning the se­niors.

An­drew Roan led Col­vend Clas­sic Honey to win the ju­nior calf class, while Rory La­mont led Brian and Michael Yates’ Lo­gan Di­a­mond­back B Jodie to win the se­nior calf class.

The show com­mit­tee is grate­ful for the sup­port of ex­hibitors, spon­sors, spec­ta­tors and the yard staff at Wal­lets Marts who made the show a fan­tas­tic event.


Cham­pion Hol­stein: Col­vend At­las Rox EX94 (At­las), Steven Roan.

Re­serve cham­pion Hol­stein: Er­rol­ston Gold Ricki VG88 (Gold­wyn), B & V David­son.

Ex­hibitor bred Hol­stein cham­pion: Col­vend At­las Rox EX94 (At­las), Steven Roan.

Cham­pion Ayr­shire: West Moss­giel Miss Mod­ern 28 EX94-3E (Aramis), G G Baynes & Son.

Re­serve cham­pion Ayr­shire: Halmyre Urr Louise 254 EX90 (Re­al­ity), Keith David­son.

Ex­hibitor bred Ayr­shire cham­pion: Halmyre Urr Louise 254 EX90 (Re­al­ity), Keith David­son.

Cham­pion Brown Swiss: Kedar Alino Car­men (Alino), T Lochhead & Sons.

Re­serve cham­pion Brown Swiss: Soulseat Faust Jenny VG87 (En­ergie), Robert & Sheila McColm.

Ex­hibitor bred Brown Swiss cham­pion: Kedar Alino Car­men (Alino), T Lochhead & Sons.

Cham­pion Jersey: Cly­de­val­ley Tequila Flora 2 (Tequila), Ali Cook.

Re­serve cham­pion Jersey: Tin­toview Tequila Blondie ( Tequila), R Buchanan.

Ex­hibitor bred Jersey cham­pion: Tin­toview Tequila Blondie (Tequila), R Buchanan.

Class re­sults

In­ter­breed, ju­nior calf class, heifer calf to be born in 2018: 1 Col­vend Clas­sic Honey (Clas­sic), Steven Roan; 2 Ruby-Too (Jersey X) David & Jane McCormick; 3 Cormick Arvis Roxy (Arvis), David & Jane McCormick; 4 Cee­in­gred Ab­so­lute Pamela (Ab­so­lute), David & Jane McCormick; 5 Barony Ar­mour Flashy (Ar­mour), SRUC Barony; 6 Halmyre Urr Jinks 589 (Pick n Mix), Keith David­son; 7, Halmyre Urr Lady­bird 537 (Celtic Pick n Mix), Keith David­son.

In­ter­breed, se­nior calf class, heifer calf to be born from July 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017: 1 Lo­gan Di­a­mond­back B Jodie (Di­a­mond­back), Brian Yates & Son; 2 East­ford Di­a­mond­back Tabitha (Di­a­mond­back), Brian Yates & Son; 3 Meik­le­firth Ad­dic­tion-P- Jodie Red (Ad­dic­tion), David Yates.

Ju­nior han­dling: 1 Ruby Pat­ter­son; 2 An­drew Roan; 3 Joshua Camp­bell; 4 Rory La­mont; 5 Dou­glas Pat­ter­son; 6 Amelia Wil­son; 7 Isla David­son.

Ju­nior han­dling: 1 Kat­lyn McCormick; 2 Steven Dale Sun­ley.

In­ter­breed, in calf heifer: 1 Auch­lane Ab­so­lute Sum­mer (Ab­so­lute), Hamish Camp­bell; 2 Soulseat Jon­gleur Felic­ity (Jon­gleur), Robert & Sheila McColm.

In­ter­breed, cow in calf: 1 Abbey­house Kru­sader Polly (Kru­sader), David Yates; 2 Knock­brex Poppy (El­do­rado), Iain Ser­vice & Co Ltd.

Ayr­shire, heifer in milk: 1 Fineview Sparky April 3 (Sparky), Al­lan C Clark; 2 Cul­roy Deb­o­rah 49 (Sparky), W A McDowall; 3 Brown­field Artist Carol (Artist), R C Gem­mell; 4 Halmyre Urr Lady­bird 512 (Lieu­tenant), Keith David­son; 5 Halmyre Urr Fancy Girl 85 VG85 (Prime­time), Keith David­son; 6 Croft­head Ca­sia (Pi­casso), W P Cal­len­dar.

Hol­stein, heifer in milk: 1 Lo­gan Oc­tane Jodie (High Oc­tane), Brian Yates & Son; 2 Cairn­pat McCutchen Lo­tus (McCutchen), James McNeil; 3 Lo­gan In­te­gral Jodie (In­te­gral), Brian Yates & Son; 4 Nor­ton­hill S Destina VG87 (Sil­ver), B&V David­son; 5 Lo­gan Mon­terey Am­brosia (Mon­terey), Brian Yates & Son; 6 Ne­w­house Jus­tice Petila ( Jus­tice), Fraser Nicolson; 7, Knock­brex Wil­lie 21 (Movi­es­tar), Iain Ser­vice & Co Ltd; 8 Hill­head Al­falfa Ge­orgie VG85 (Al­falfa), Messrs R D Flem­ing; 9 Auch­lane Lan­vin Lola VG86 (Lan­vin), Hamish Camp­bell.

Jersey, heifer in milk: 1 Tin­toview Colton Camelia VG86 (Colton), R Buchanan; 2 Lo­gan Colton Glow (Colton), Brian Yates & Son; 3 Well­house Shine Ha­vana (Shine), Hannah Gra­ham; 4 Well­house Topeka Bauble (Topeka), Hannah Gra­ham.

Brown Swiss, heifer in milk: 1 Kedar Alino Car­men (Alino), T Lochhead & Sons; 2 Soulseat En­ergie Cath VG88 (En­ergie), Robert & Sheila McColm.

Ayr­shire, ju­nior cow in milk hav­ing had two calves: 1 Mar­l­ey­cote Queen VG86 (Bur­dette), G G Baynes & Son; 2 Fineview Sparky Swissie (Sparky), Al­lan C Clark; 3 Croft­head De­light (Kana), W P Cal­len­dar; 4 Brown­field Ko­dak Pan (Ko­dak), R C Gem­mell.

Hol­stein, ju­nior cow in milk hav­ing had two calves: 1 East­ford King­boy Abi­gail (King­boy), Brian Yates & Son; 2 Cra­mar Golden Cutes (Gold Chip), Messrs R D Flem­ing; 3 Meik­le­firth Sig­nify Poppy VG86 (Sig­nify), David Yates.

Brown Swiss, cow in milk: 1 Soulseat Faust Jenny VG87 (En­ergie), Robert & Sheila McColm; 2 Kedar Su­per Star (Jenor), T Lochhead & Sons.

Jersey, cow in milk: 1 Cly­de­val­ley Tequila Flora 2 (Tequila), Ali Cook; 2 Tin­toview Tequila Blondie (Tequila), R Buchanan; 3 Blue­grass Shandys Au­gust Blondie (Shandy), R Buchanan; 4 Rapid­bay-UK Dance the Red Path (Red­path), Hannah Gra­ham.

Ayr­shires, se­nior cow in milk hav­ing had three or more calves: 1 West Moss­giel Miss Mod­ern 28 EX94-3E (Aramis), G G Baynes & Son; 2 Halmyre Urr Louise 254 EX90 (Re­al­ity), Keith David­son; 3 Halmyre Urr Jinks 509 EX90 (Lieu­tenant), Keith David­son.

Hol­steins, se­nior cow in milk hav­ing had three or more calves: 1 Col­vend At­las Rox EX94 (At­las), Steven Roan; 2 Er­rol­ston Gold Ricki VG88 (Gold­wyn), B & V David­son; 3 Barony Zante An­gel (Zante), SRUC Barony; 4 Meik­le­firth Zealot Flora VG88 (Zealot), David Yates; 5 Bow­ber­hill Fever Melinda (Fever), James McNeil; 6 Lo­gan Dude Gail (Dude), Brian Yates & Son; 7 Brown­field Hol­man Pearl (Hol­man), R C Gem­mell.

In­ter­breed, 50 tonne class: 1 Col­vend At­las Rox EX94 (At­las), Steven Roan; 2 West Moss­giel Miss Mod­ern 20 EX94-3E, G G Baynes & Son; 3 Lo­gan An­nan Igor Edie (Igor), Brian Yates & Son; 4 Brown­field Hol­man Pearl (Hol­man), R C Gem­mell.

Ayr­shire cham­pion Baynes West Moss­giel Miss Mod­ern 28 EX94-3E from Richard

Se­nior han­dler First place went to Kat­lyn McCormick

Pre­sen­ta­tion David McCormick, show chair­man, Pa­tri­cia Goldie, spon­sor NWF, Leanne Hedges, Brown Swiss Cham­pion Kedar Alino Car­men, Jonny Lochhead and Jes­sica Miller

Hol­stein cham­pion Col­vend At­las Rox EX94 shown by Steven Roan, pic­tured with Shar­lene O’Hara from spon­sors David­sons An­i­mal Feeds

Jersey cham­pion Cly­de­val­ley Tequila Flora 2 from Ali Cook and re­serve cham­pion Tin­toview Tequila Blondie from Robert Buchanan

Ju­nior han­dler Ruby Pat­ter­son stood first and is pre­sented here by spon­sor Steve Miller, Th­reave Vets

Win­ning se­nior calf Lo­gan Di­a­mond­back B Jodie from Brian and Michael Yates, led by Rory La­mont

Ju­nior calf class Col­vend Clas­sic Honey was the win­ner, led by An­drew Roan

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