De­spair at coun­cil ‘in­ef­fi­cien­cies’

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Sir – The front page head­line of the edi­tion of The Gal­loway News on March, 28, 2019 was Dum­fries and Gal­loway Coun­cil introducin­g a “Tomb­stone Tax” to raise £50,000 per year for the cash-strapped author­ity.

On page three it was stated that they were then ax­ing four highly paid of­fi­cials which will bring sav­ings of £650,000.

Then fi­nally on page five it states that the Old Hearse House had been sold to Cross­michael Com­mu­nity Trust for the to­ken fee of £1. What is not men­tioned is the fact that Dum­fries and Gal­loway Coun­cil ac­tively mar­keted the Hearse House for sale, ap­plied a clos­ing date for the sale, re­ceived sev­eral sub­stan­tial of­fers for the prop­erty and then gave it away for £1.

It is com­plete and ut­ter mad­ness that the coun­cil should turn down sub­stan­tial mone­tary of­fers for prop­er­ties they own in favour of com­mu­nity as­set trans­fers es­pe­cially in this case when there is al­ready a her­itage hub be­ing set up in the church hall. It is also a cost and to­tal waste of time for the peo­ple who put in gen­uine of­fers.

It is lit­tle sur­prise that the coun­cil is cash-strapped with be­hav­iour like this. Should other busi­nesses run their op­er­a­tions like this, then it would only be a mat­ter of time be­fore they go out of busi­ness. They can­not pass on their in­ef­fi­cien­cies to the gen­eral pub­lic to bail them out like the coun­cil do! I de­spair. Name and ad­dress sup­plied

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